Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Base problem solved

I think I have the perfect base system.
Thanks to Joe Thomlinson's magnet suggestion and pics (follow the links in the comments on the last post- its worth it!).
Joe got me re-exploring ideas I had thrown out and bingo! I was staring at my reaper minis on 2mm plasticard drilled bases (took too long to cut and where not magnetic) and I realized I could just resin cast those and drill a hole for a magnet later. As they are 30mm its unlikely they will jump together and I could simply gnaw out the first castings with a dremmel to make countersunk ones for preslotta.
Nice one Joe!
So, to celebrate my successful delivery of my big project (an X-box Kinect gesture powered orchestral game for AFTRS masters student Pru Montin) which has kept me working long looooong hours - I treated myself to a late night hobby sesh all for me!
I drill cut a bunch of bases- going for a 28mm diameter from 2mm plasticard- stuck on sand and scatter (as I get bored of doing this) and set them on my base board. I then decided to do a dungeon tile set, and a pirate wooden plank set tomorrow. Then its just bang- thirty six bases in one pour.
I am going to try getting a totally level mould using spirit levels, and use a combination of overspill channels and greased glass plate to make the bases flat. You over fill the mould slightly, then press down with the silicone release sprayed glass sheet after you vibrate the airbubbles out. The excess resin escapes into the channels giving you a sort of sprue. But in reverse, if you driftnet my catchphrase.
Now whats got me excited by this is even more is the idea of putting a bunch of base decorations made up such as plants, roots, slates, mushroom caps and skullz(tm) around the overspill channels, so my waste resin becomes handy decor.
I tested the bases with some 28mm chaos thugs (the reaper figs I based in this style are chunky 30+ mm figs), as I was worried the smaller figs may look lost on the 30mm base. Turns out no, and a 28mm base is even better. They looked great and a quick play around proved they felt right on the game table. The 2mm depth made them easy to pick up by the base, protected the fiddly decorations (its old school- gotta have shrooms) and fighting figures kept the right distance to trade blows. I could not get my neo-d mags to make the bases leap. Yay.
I think 'Jobs a good 'un.'

Reaper demon on 2mm plasticard disc.

Thankfully that will take a lot off my mind. I can forge ahead now with confidence that I can have a consistent, practical base for both game and display figures across my whole collection, and can do this easily and cheaply. I set out to base my whole collection on much loved hex bases, but found then tricky to skirmish with and not as stable as I liked. Since then I have wandered listlessly about trying bases. My collection looks fragmented, and I can see pros and cons to all.
Casting on the majority of the texture means not having to fill holes, sand and glue sand to an endless sea of empty bases. My desk will be cleaner and waaaaay more time for painty, converty fun instead of boring basing.
Okay, so that lost picture from last posts deletion (damn iphone blog apps are all cruddy). My casa...
Or, you know... Desk....

That said, it currently looks like a rabid hippo on a diet of polystyrene, superglue tubes and wire shat on it, the attacked the resulting mess with a chainsaw.
Thanks again Joe!


  1. No wuckins mate!

    Offer is still open if you want to make some 3D prints rather than dremel them up, I'm going to make another order real soon now.

    Joe Thomlinson