Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My god... its full of Blanche...

Thanks so far for the Blanch-athon, and its turning up GOLD.  GOLD I tells Ye.  Keep them coming everyone, and I will do plenty of homage minis!

Here is some direct links to Steve Caseys Photos for you all to worship- I posted these first because many have not been seen before.  Some appear in Ratspike and WD, but at different angles.  Mr Casey, your mission is to photograph the rest!

I will now attempt to ID some of the parts and tell you where to get them!

Converted Asgard Dragon Lizard (Available from Viking Forge)

Aly Morrison Samurai Conversion

Citadel Dwarf Sorcerer

I am pretty sure the torso and legs are from Ral Partha Ogre with club (here)
I See body a from a Ral Partha demon (here) and a face from a Ral Partha Jabberwock (Here)

Ral Partha Cyclops  (Buy here)
Space ranger (I have this guy) plus wolf- please ID the wolf and I will do this conversion!

Super smooth blending!  Awesome.
Run away!!!  Fantastic planet.
No idea.
Frikkin awesome alien!!!

Possibly some trolls in there?

Uh... tail looks familliar.... anyone?


Ral Partha Frost Giant

Ral Partha 13-002 Hill giant?  Foundry Elephant?

Rogue Trader Dreadnought

Citadel FF Balrog

Citadel George The Giant

Defies... uh... what was I saying?  What?

I uh... what was I saying... Oh look!  Boobs.  Uh....

Now fans of this diorama may like what I am cooking up here- I have hunted down most of the figures and am constructing warbands painted to match.  Yep.
Anyway, Thantsants wanted to know what the sorcerer blasting the door was... and no, he is not a citadel miniature.  He is actually a Ral Partha (now Iron Wind Metals) Wraith sculpted by Tom Meier.  You can still buy it here along with some mates...

Wraith (blasting door)
Samurai Liche (halfway across diorama)

Guys on hill- Citadel Chaos Warriors, not undead!
Bottom right, FA Antipaladin.  FT skeletons and mummies from FFfor the most part.
Now the guy on the hill is a tricky one.  He is actually a preslotta chaos warrior from citadel, as is his general lower down on the hill.  You will also find a Ral Partha rip off of that character (here), it has a weaker pose, less detail and different sleeves, but is close enough!

As promised, the links from other images...

Tears of Envy
Gothic Punk
Marienburg Gazette

From world of Zhu- Converted LOTR Orc

Well more minis from me next week- in the meantime, keep yur blanchy links coming and I will post them up for everyone to oogle.



  1. Hi Dave,

    Here's more shots of J.B.'s miniatures...

    Br, Kari

  2. Those are some serioulsy trippy conversions!

  3. I've got some more stuff here including pics of the diorama dwarfs:

    The mutants were converted by Aly Morrison and painted by John. I've got LOADS of close-up shots of the diorama if you need them?

    Steve (Casey)

    1. Steve, are these from your own collection or are they from Bryan Ansell's collection - and how's the photographing of that going? Are you finished or will the CCM pages get additions?

  4. #13's body is a demon from the same set as #5 -- 01-010 devils.

    #16 is a Minifigs Mystical Earth Giant (ME-39) -- unconverted, maybe a little detail added?

    I'd say #18 is a RP 13-003 troll; the elephant head is from 01-099

  5. Didn't have a chance to leave a comment when I saw this post the first time. Checking them again now. Fantastic post--could stare at these for hours.