Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dremel love

My wife bought me a stylus Dremmel today after she caught me pining over one in Bunnings hardware. Its been a ritual of mine- a pilgrimage to the display cabinet to pick up the samples and poke them at imaginary miniatures and, well, occasionally pretend its a laser gun. Pchoo pchoo!

Having inherited a perfectly good dremmel I could never justify the purchase. But oh, how wrong I was. I CAN justify it.
The stylus dremmel is absolutely brilliant.
First thing I noticed was no chord- that, combined with a light weight body instantly made it far, far easier to use. Clunky tools tend to sit on a desk as they are more bother to set up than its worth especially if you have to bugger about with cords. This baby has a docking station charger so its always charged and at arms reach, and I can keep my fave tips and spanner on it.
Within a few hours of receiving the gift I has used it to hollow out a toad miniature, make a zoat fit together, polish a c28 giant, sculpt the edge onto a resculpted c28 giants blade and make twisted rope wire for its handle.
I am totally gobsmacked how it has become my must have tool in one day!
Oh, and I made myself a new main double sided sculpting tool by grinding and polishing some brass rod and strip. Though brass is softer than steel, I wont have to sand back the rust to get a clean surface. I will give it a go and see if its better.
Back in mini land and it seems the imperial space marines and space farers from last month face a new foe....

Myfanwy the Cat vs. spacefarers. Whats her special attack move?

Yep, she sat on them. Kate took pictures of the carnage, lots of pictures. I guess she was too busy laughing to think about rescuing the minis.... Oh no, never mind the hours of painting I... Oh wait, she bought me an awesome Dremmel... Uh, carry on dear.

Deese wittle peeepol got no noms. Me punish dem fur deir insolence.


  1. Grats on the cat and dremel! I Love my stylus too (o:

  2. Gotta get me one, do they come with all the attachments you need? I have a no make version which is okay, but want to trade up!

  3. Nice Cat! I have two that regularly assault my mini's.

  4. Yes, this came with all the basic grinders, sanders, polishing pads, a small engraver (I recommend getting a chunkier one for gnawing out miniature heads and torsos), spanner and polishing compound.
    Its pretty oophy too!
    I have some saws and other bits and bobs left from my last one and brilliantly they all still fit.
    Three thumbs up.

  5. Nice! Love the look of this - I bought a cheap one, spur of the moment, half a year ago. I use it a lot, but it's rather basic. Considering one of these now! I love my Dremel hot glue gun for terrain making!

  6. Power tools are now in my 'get what you pay for' bracket. I bought a cheap drill and its got about as much torque as a rubber band propeller.
    Cats, strangely, do not fall in that bracket. Hmmm.

  7. I got one of these dremels last year, and I haven't found enough reasons to use it yet. I have taken to using it on things I can do by hand just for the sheer fun of it :)

  8. Know where you can get one of those in the UK?