Friday, March 23, 2012

I kill prices!

The Catoblepas from last episode fell in price to 14 bucks on ebay, proof of my amazing painty skillz damaging the reputation of miniatures!
Great news for collectors of preslotta beastmen and broo, for surely my next efforts will drive their price down too!

Weather has held up both spraying and casting new bases, so I consoled myself by assembling a Ral Partha Chimera, and mounting a chaos warrior (faceless bell ringer, winner of the White Dwarf design a miniature competition in the early 90s) on a Reaper hunting cat.
I dusted off my 'figures that need bits pinned back on' and 'mounted figures I can't be bothered with assembling' tub in case of wet weather come my next hobby session. Some nice things lurk within, but the whole tub stinks of indifference.
Fortunately I sourced some wagons this week that will mean the wagon raid project can reappear!


  1. Living in Melbourne also, I concur on the weather's effect on my hobby work this week and Saturday. :D

    Second paragraph is almost verbatim my day today. haha.