Sunday, January 29, 2012

CANCON booty

A great cancon haul for me. I got a whole bunch more kryomek figures in a bargain bin, including aliens, chunky cyclos and swat. Cannot wait to paint those to match my rogue trader stuff!

I also scored myself a Steampunk Dorothy from Guild of Harmony, a pack of silurids for Malifaux then wrapped up my spree with a ten pack of cote d'arms paints so I can sniff my way back to the 1980s once more.
Add that to yesterday's haul and I had one full boot on the way home!
Anyone get any good stuff?


  1. My best finds of the day for 'rare stuff' were some Rackham Pixie Tricksters, Man O War models, and Epic boxed sets. Only downside of the time there was that I didn't get a chance to come round at any point you were free to try out Skulldred.