Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!

Last year I swore an oath to paint some limited edition citadel christmas minis for this Yule tide blog.
I only managed to get Sanity Claws, missing out time and again on bids for the other merry miniatures such as Christmas Marines, space Santa et al.
I think to do him justice I should build him a little rooftop base- so with other sculpting jobs coming in I found myself pushing it back and back. Bad me.

King oath breaker- I hope that doesn't mean I have to hang around haunting my lead pile looking like a member of the frighteners waiting for Aragorn marks to show up and release me.
Geddit... Eh, eh?

I collected my recent windfall of reaper figures from the warehouse the other day, and am exceedingly pleased with the assortment. I have a dozen of the same figures - giant killer frogs, giant hunter ghoul things, mummies and orcs- but the rest where all individual and not a single figure I already had. Photos of me swimming in reaper blisters early next year!

Oh so much great stuff to paint next year!

Well happy holidays everyone, I hope santa brings you lead and painty things!

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