Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bill progress

Thanks to a bout of allergy based insomnia, (try finding food without soy or sulphites in it) I found myself with a few hours to kill - too fuzzy headed on anti-histamine to trust myself to sculpt something for clients - so I got bill a little further along instead.

I deliberately made the packs different to the actual mini, since I may as well make him a variant since I am going to the trouble of building his missing half. I figure I may find one on fleabay at some point.
I have a preslotta donkey and pack mule heading my way from the uk, so that gives me four pack animals and a cart horse ready for his cart. Plenty for brigands to raid!

I am surprised by the lack of decent wagon wheels and bits available. Think I may have to make some for my mini range.

Finally felt drowsy by the time I got to doing the fetlocks- so back on the waiting shelf for ol' bill and the rest of his wagon train until the last project mutants are all done.


  1. Oooh. . .sulfites, eh? That's gonna be tough with the missus' birthday celebrations, I reckon. Read those wine bottles carefully, mate. :) Here's to hoping that Kill Team Charlie peeks out again from the pile some time soon. Best wishes!

  2. Nice work so far, good save of a nice little mini :)

  3. Oh yeah- kill team Charlie just got some sulaco resin bases arrive in the post (thank you Geronimo Jones)- the leeching resin held up the project, but I did some digital space ship corridors ready to play stardred on. I also have some paranoia, dredd perps, spacehulk genestealers and lead adventure figs for opposition.

    I have a pretty tasty slice of the spacefarers in my project queue. (I just love that word- where else do you get a ueue in a row?) unfortunately they don't scale up against modern figures- thinking I may mount them on coins for a touch of laserburn action.
    Anyone got painted pics of these?