Monday, May 23, 2011

Tower of DOOOOM!!!

So hey, how you going?  Have been busy as hell of late- the only things I have been able to paint have been some production models for Bederken- you will get to see those when I launch the new range.
However I have finished one little task thats been nagging me for a while, a new paint rack.

I lashed out on one of those four level carosels, and I have to say... really not impressed.  The 'American craftmanship' the box proudly states equates to wobbly, with plastic trays too big to grip a citadel pot, and too tight to allow Vallejo or Reaper paints to comfortably sit.  That, and the thing takes up one hell of a lot of space.  I tried to love it... put brushes in the little holders... rebuilt it with different heights...I guess it suits some people, but for me, I just wanted to see everything at once and have my desk space back.

So, one night, armed with nothing but a packing knife, a metal ruler, lollypop sticks, some bostick glue, sticky tape and a bunch of MDF sheets I use to make wargaming scenery, I knocked up the TOWER OF DOOOOM!

Total cost, about ten bucks.

Its alive.  ALIVE!!
I am calling this one a prototype in a thinly veiled attempt to hide my lack of craftmanship.  Cut twice.  Measure using thumbs.
So this is the entire four level carousels contents.  As you can see, plenty of room left and I am taking up about an eighth of the space.  It holds seventy dropper bottles and slightly less citadel pots.  Two of these should do the trick, unless I get seriously addicted to collecting paint.  Hmmm....


  1. Great stuff! I need something like that for my ever-growing collection of paints.

    What are those bigger pointy bottles stacked on top?

  2. Just transported my hobby goods from Brisbane to Melbourne. Finally, fives months without my paints! Even my mood has changed having access to my hobby gear.

    I"ve been looking at storage solutions like this and suspect I'll be drawing measuring lines on my thumb too for extra accuracy when the DiY eventually becomes my only option.

    - Tael.

  3. Hi Andrzej - The bigger bottles where something I tried for a while that I grabbed from an art store. However, the long nozzles means air is sucked back in, so ultimately the paint dries over long periods.
    I switched to dropper bottles from Reaper and they are perfect for porting paint to.

    @ Tael - well you may be pleased to know one of my new projects is making a slot together laser cut plan from this prototype... I just so happen to know a couple of folk with a laser cutter. I have a few dozen projects first, but then for sure!

  4. i had a whole heap of paints with no home for quite a while. i was going to make one similar to your wooden tower, but i really couldn't be bothered making it.

    i pondered on it for a little bit and it suddenly dawned on me - why not use a utensil organiser? the ones that keep all your knives and forks in the draw organised.

    off to bunnings and i got an adjustable bamboo one for 20-30 bucks (i think).

    i just had to move one of the draws and done!