Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HotT Succubus army

Adding some Green stuff to I-KORE celts and Classic Citadel Chaos Thugette
HotT demoness blades stand.  One slap of paint later...

So I have been messing around with a succubus infested Hordes of The Things Army as you may well know, and I have just wrapped up my first stand to try out the look.  After spending some time staring at it, I will then know if I want to go ahead and make a whole army to match.

I don't usually use flock on my bases, as I find its a dust trap and looks tired quickly, but for HotT I liked the idea of little dioramas making up an army.

Now the figure to the right is a Chaos Thug (aka chaos Marauder) from the 1980's Realm of Chaos era.  As you can see from the picture of the green stuff sculpt, I gave her a more feminine look by building up her lips, adding a John Blance-esque bow and extended her hair to hide the eye patch.  I also sculpted on a skull onto her shoulder guard to give her another focal point.  For this conversion I did not to trim back the metal, so the model is unharmed by the process.  Later I can peel off the green stuff and restore her.  I do this to quite a few of my citadel classics if I need them for, say, an AD&D game.

Hordes of the Things!  One of Blue Moons zombie boxed sets
Until I get the chance to build up a succubus force properly, I decided to re-base some Blue Moon zombies for my hordes units.  I speed painted these months ago for an AD&D game.  God Bless Tamiya Clear Red!
I had doubts buying the boxed set- the packaging is so garish and cheap and the sample paint jobs do not really do the figures justice.  I was very pleased when I got them out.  The integral bases are soft and clip away easily, they assemble in interesting ways, and I had the whole lot put together in one night.  I only had to do a little filling, and was happy with the results.  Since then I have picked up a lot more blue moon figures- their villagers are very handy!  I hope some day they shift to slotted bases and better packaging art one day though.  Clashing bright Red on Blue- uhg.

Reaper Bone Caller, Blue Moon Zombies
Summoning my zombies into battle is my sorceress (Reaper Bone Caller)- a wonderful figure that slots right in to my theme.  Here she is just undercoated and given a badab black wash.

I am tempted, since I am putting a bit of effort into making a HotT army, to perhaps sculpt a few succubus chaosettes for my Bederken range!  Semi-Naked demon girls... what's not to like?

A couple of stands made up of Hasslefree Kalee's converted would do great things to the eyeballs too.


  1. Sounds great!

    Lovely set of minis and I dig the conversions - you must be made of stern stuff to contemplate peeling them off!

  2. Darn straight.

    I usually hunt around on ebay for anothr first though ;)