Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I got the black lung pop

Well I have been sick, again.  AGAIN.  I notice the new flu vaccine appeared shortly after a double bout of particularly bad flu was going around.  Coincidence or conspiracy- you decide.

Anyway, feeling better today.  Unlike my last flu, I didnt write any new skirmish rules- I just lay around being all deathly with a machine gun cough because I had no choice.

I just have one work project to clear up and I am back at my sculpting desk.  Yay Bederken.  Then, once they are off to the mould makers I am going to take a holiday.

Still, whilst I have been ill I have received some lovely classic figures- Aly Morrison hobgoblins and a few of Ruglugs armoured orcs.  May have to do an binge paint session to catch up with Thantsants wonderful collection.


  1. Wellcome back to the land of the living! Now get cracking on some lead, even I have passed you in productivity! =P

    If you haven't allready, take a gander at my blog on - it's mainly about old Citadel stuff.

  2. I like to hear you're now right.
    Eager to see these hobgoblins painted.

  3. Aww you guys.

    Love the blog Phreedh!

    I had a session on my monster starter set last night- should have it done fairly soon.