Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I iz a good girl, I am.

PAXAus (Penny Arcade Conference) reminded me that I had some minis from last year's PAX unfinished.

Actually, I had a LOT of minis from last year's PAX unfinished.

Actually, a lot in general.

I know.  I suck at this.

Yesterday I played catch up.  The biggest progress was priming and basing up every freaking mini I had assembled to my new basing style.

Somehow, rebasing from the dodgy course train ballast from when I first moved to Melbourne felt great. Like a renewal.  Bad energy out.  New energy in.  Mmmm delicious, crackly energy.  Like human souls.

I now use a hot glue gun to stick my minis to Renedra bases.  I find this gives the most durable bond, which flexes slightly absorbing the shock of ooohhh, you know, something like muggins here accidentally drop kicking them during gaming.

Shut up.  You do it too.

Hotglue also has several other benefits.  It's like a 'friends with benefits' deal but without the 'friends' part. Seriously.  Your glue gun is not your friend.  It will burn you.

Benefits include:

● Quick to set
● Cheap
● No fumes
● You can pose the mini
● No superglue remover needed
● You can fill areas
● Bonds to washers, metal, plastic and resin (pah)
● Doesn't force you to watch home renovation reality TV shows
● Can be used to assemble scenery
● Cannot get you pregnant

Once set, I texture the surface with a thin schmmmmear of super dooper glue or matte medium and add a mix of grits, herbs, bicarb soda and bits of my fingers.

The soil colours all come from Jo Sonja acrylics, nice and thick, easily found everywhere and cheap.  My straight girl friends say this is the same quality as men on dating apps.

Shhh you.  I am not a man hater.  I know... oooooh, at least... er... a handful of men I like.  If cooked well.

Random mixes of Burnt Umber and Earth Brown form my base, with a wash of agrax earthshade for missed cracks.  I hate to miss a good crack.  I then drybrush a range of colors on depending on my mood.  Usually my mood is somewhere between angry feminist beige and medium grumpy fawn brown.  Occasionally P3 'Jack Bone (🤔 just realised that is a double entendre 😒).


  1. I assume the minis you're working on are of the Bones range? I can't imagine hot glue holding metal minis very well.

    1. Then you assume wrong! Holds metal extremely well.

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